Praise for Rachel


“From the moment I walked in to Rachel’s cozy space, I felt safe to share whatever was on my mind. Rachel oozes acceptance just by being…herself! Which makes it so easy to open up. Part of the magic is the incredible framework she creates, in which I could “empty out” and feel really heard, which was so relieving. From that open spacious place, we started part two of our session, which was body work! Yum, that’s all I can say. And would have loved even more. I appreciated that she took notes and offered some gentle ideas for me to chew on, especially regarding how I use my time…ie. get sucked into social media. During my massage time, we continued to chat and she gently invited me to consider two new practices that I could implement. One which was to keep my social media time limited to 7 minutes, followed by a rest for at least 10 minutes, since I discovered in the session with her help, that I tend to get onto social media when I am tired but not allowing myself to stop and replenish with rest.   I’m very grateful for her attentive and caring expertise.”

~Marcie Prohofsky, Healthy Lifestyle coach and chef  


“Working with Rachel proved to be immensely helpful. She has a keen ability to really listen, and ask pointed questions that get to the heart of the matter swiftly and easefully, while at the same time holding space compassionately and gently. Her feedback was beautifully articulate and insightful. I highly recommend her work!”

~Carmen Natali, Immigration Lawyer and mother of 2  


“I came in with a tough problem. I had a fight with my partner and wasn’t wanting to give in. After a session with Rachel I felt open and spacious and ready to connect again.  Rachel inspired me to set aside my ego and access gratitude, love and care for him, and we were able to reconnect in a profound way.”

~Misha B., Clearing Conversations  


“I began practicing yoga with Rachel during my first pregnancy, when her extensive knowledge as an instructor and a doula were key in helping me have a safe and nourishing practice.  I’ve continued practicing with her for the past 8 years because I value her calming energy and thoughtful, alignment-based practice.  I’ve experienced her teaching in the large group setting, semi-private classes, and as a consultant for my home-based practice.  Rachel is a joy to work with; her clarity and wisdom have taught me valuable lessons that I carry with me off the mat into my daily life.”

~Ina Park, MD  


“Every interaction I had with Rachel was like a mental/emotional/spiritual/practical shower. She had a way of re-calibrating my stories, my habits, and my assumptions. Things I had taken as my “truths” began to shift, and I discovered possibilities for how to change the trajectories of my own stories. I realized that I had been type-casting myself in my own life, and had been stuck in roles that simply stick because of gravity and time. Rachel teaches how to unwind, reevaluate, and change perspectives. Her guidance is practical–create lists, do assignments, implement simple practices. She is wise. She laughs, guides, and invents tools. I’m changed because of my time with her. Gratefully so.”

~Erika Chong Shuch, director of performance art