Stagnation.  Dis-orientation.  Where to begin? There will be times in our lives where we want to re-focus//shake things up//get back on track But we just don’t know how to start.  What do you do when a shift is called for? When in doubt, orient toward what is most tangible and doable. Whether it’s a short-term experiment, or a longer-term shift, it can be helpful to frame the new idea/practice in this way:”I would like to do___________this many times per week/month. In order to do this, I may need to let go of __________, and I’m willing to see what effect this has after _______ weeks/months.”

Be realistic and be kind to yourself.  Creating and sustaining change takes some work and focus, but the reward of living in closer alignment with your values can be immensely energizing, and bring unexpected gifts to other areas of your life– for example, your realized goal of getting more consistent exercise might help you sleep more soundly (even though you weren’t trying to shift that in a direct way) This is just one of many tools I use when working with private clients. If you would like to learn more about this approach, please email me here to set up a free phone consultation.