Catalyze and Calibrate:

Intuitive Somatic Counseling Immersion for Women

Do you feel a change coming but you’re just not sure what’s next? Maybe you’re at a crossroads, confused about which path to follow.  Or perhaps you’re experiencing a life-altering shift in your career, relationship, or spirit path–and what has worked before is no longer cutting it. Or maybe things simply feel stagnant and it’s time to shake it all up and re-discover what is truly most important and affirming for your well-being in this next era.

You’ve heard many times that the answers lie within, but you are still looking for ways to access your own wisdom and guidance.

I can help you find it so you can move forward.  I catalyze real, lasting change for women in big transitions who want to create the next phase of their life with more clarity, satisfaction, and nourishment.

How does it work?

In order to make deep and lasting shifts, we need to identify what is truly nourishing for you.  Then, we shift away from the habits that drain your well-being, and direct your energy toward your aligned goals and aspirations.

Intuitive Somatic Counseling is a method that combines compassionate listening, gentle bodywork, and strategic coaching in order to help you access your inner guidance.  In affirming your own intuitive wisdom, we will co-create potent daily practices that will inspire and sustain the changes you want to make, aligning your actions with your values, living in compassionate integrity.  Here are some of the topics we might explore:

~What activities and practices would truly nourish me on a deep level?
~How do I want to spend my time each day?  What’s in the way of that happening?
~What small daily changes can I make to find greater satisfaction, balance, and joy?

What we’ll do: Catalyze and Calibrate!

Rather than a longer-term therapeutic exploration, or an intensive weekend workshop experience, we spend three immersive months together focusing on bringing more ease, joy, and balance into your daily life.

This 4 hour/month immersion allows us to:

* Connect in person for a 90-minute in-depth session that includes dialogue, bodywork, and coaching (every other week)
* Follow up 30-minute phone session to ensure your success in implementing the strategies/practices we create (every other week)

And throughout the entire three month program I’m available for support via phone or email.


How might this work transform your life? Let’s talk!